Welcome to The Etheric Alignment Studio in Mississauga

Canada’s First and Only 48-Unit EESystem.  Your transformative experience awaits you.

Begin your journey of Transformation and Renewal.

Experience a sanctuary at The Etheric Alignment Studio, where we foster a safe haven for manifesting your intentions for abundance. Our space is dedicated to nurturing your journey towards wholeness, incorporating mind, body, and spirit.


Be among the first to experience Canada’s exclusive 48-Unit Energy Enhancement System™️.


Join us and embrace the rejuvenating power of EE frequencies within our studio.

A Few Benefits of the EESystem

Deep relaxation and enhanced meditative states of consciousness.

Before and After Comparison of Auras after using the EESystem

For more detailed information or if you would like more research on the EESystem, visit EESystem or Unifyd Healing.

Embrace Transformation

Begin your transformational journey while immersed in Canada’s only 48-Unit EESystem located in Mississauga, Ontario. The building facility offers ample parking, an elevator and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

Spend time quietly meditating, sleeping, journaling or manifesting your heart’s desires.

About the Studio

Etheric Alignment Studio in Mississauga 48 Unit EESystem - Waiting Room
Etheric Alignment Studio in Mississauga, 48-Unit EESystem Space
Etheric Alignment Studio in Mississauga, Migun Bed Therapy Space

Our Studio, located in Mississauga, ON, is proud to introduce cutting-edge technology, offering Canada’s first and only 48-Unit EESystem – 48 computers that generate bio-active energy fields known as “scalar waves”. These waves have a range of benefits, including promoting wellness by facilitating cell rejuvenation, enhancing immune function, providing relief from pain and balancing right & left brain hemispheres to boost energy levels.

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Other Offerings

We are proud to also provide options to enhance your life with EESystem and Health & Wellness Products, Migun Bed Therapy and Who we recommend and trust to further support your healing journey.

EESystem Products

Bioscalar Embedded Bracelets,  Shower Heads 

Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle enhancing products available at the Studio

Healing Modalities

Migun Bed & Chair Therapy, TCM, Bio-Well & More

Trusted People

Complementary People to support you on your health journey

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320 Matheson Blvd W., Suite 212 Mississauga, ON L5R 3R1



Studio Hours:

Tues-Sat: 10am-4pm
Sat-Sun: 9pm-7am Night Sessions

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